Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Impossible and Napoleon Bonaparte

Dui bondhu r kothopokothon...

- Napoleon Bonaparte er jiboni porchi. Ei manushtar dictionary te impossible bole kono word chilo na.

- Bolish ki? Nishchoi Neelkhet er puran dokan theke dictionary ta kinechilo! Ta nahole eto common ekta word....

Could Robondronatha Tahkur Be A Good Software Sngineer?

Sillicon Valley er dui software engineer er kothopokothon -

- Robindronath Thakur jotoi protibhaban hon na keno tini kokhonoi bhalo software engineer hote parten na. In fact, unar chakri i rakha daay hoto jodi ei pesha te ashten.

- Keno? Tor ei rokom mone hobar karon ki?

- Unar oi famous gaan ta shunish nai? "Jodi tor daak shune keu na ashey, tobe ekla cholo re....". Ei thekei bujha jay uni "team work" e bishshashi na. Arey kon software project keu ekla korte parbe, team work chara?

Joke: Interview of an Election Candidate

Ekjon election candidate er shakkhatkar nichchen ekjon journalist....

Jounralist: Shunlam apni MP election e darate chaan. To voter der ke apnar bepare kichu information janan.
Candidate: Nishchoi nishchoi...
Journalist: Apni ki shongskriti mona?
Candidate: Are bolen ki? Ami gan shuni, kobita pori... Ami holam Robindro vokto.
Journalist: Oh achcha. To apnar pochonder kobita konta.
Candidate: Robindronath er "Shesher Kobita".
Journalist: ... kintu ota to kobita na, uponnash...
Candidate: Are apni Robindro nather cheye beshi janen naki? Uni ki na bujhe emon naam dibe. Ki shob interview nite ashen pora shuna na kore. Next question e jaan...
Journalist: Ji ji. Gaan shunen bolchilen. To Fokir Alamgir er ekta gaan geye shunan dekhi.
Candidate: Fokir ke bollen? Are bhai Gorib Fokir der jonno to ami emnitei jaan diye dei. Ta jokhon eto kore bolchen to ekta gai ei gorib dukhi der jonno...

"Gorib Hoile Nijer Manush Chinna Chine Na....
Uchit Kotha Koile Pore Dekhtam Pare Na...
Kaamer Shomoy Banglai Re Dakhle Mile Na...
Are Bipoder Shomoy Rastar Pashe Deikhkha Dekhe Na..."

Journalist: Thamen thamen... thik ache. Next question, Bangladesh er President er naam ki?
Candidate: President er naam jene apnar labh ki? President ki korbo? Prime Minister er naam Jono Netri Sheikh Hasina. Amar voter der oi tuk janlei cholbe.
Journalist: Azker moto amra ekhanei....

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Ahyan Won US National Junior Chess Championship 2015 in Age 8 and Under Group Winning All 5 Games

2015 US National Junior Chess Congress was organized by Bay Area Chess during January 24th and 25th at Santa Clara Convention Center in the hearth of Sillicon Valley. The tournament had 8 different Age Level group - for Under 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20. Two groups for Age Level 6 and 8 were held in 25th January while the other 6 groups were a 2 days event.

Ahyan Zaman, Bangladeshi American living in Fremont (California) won all the 5 games and clinched the National Junior Champion title in Age group 8 and Under. He is currently studying in 3rd grade of Parkmont School and is a regular member of the chess club NorCal House of Chess.

73 players participated in the Age 8 and Under group. Ahyan from Norcal House of Chess was 6th top seed by rating in this group. His final (5th) round game was the championship decider, where he faced top seed Adrian Kondakov of Berkeley Chess School which you can replay below -

Above is the final result posted in the wall at Santa Clara Convention Center. The USCF results can be found here -

In that same age group's team championship was won by NorCal House of Chess and Ahyan was part of that team. While he has a bunch of trophies at home, this is by far the largest and is close to as tall as him. After winning the tournament, his first question was - where am I going to store this trophy?

The presentation was given by four times Women World Chess Champion GM Susan Polgar. Here is a video of the part where Ahyan received the trophy from her after announcement by Chielf Tournament Director Tom Langland.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Official BABA Election Results from The Election Commissions

Dear Bay Area Community Members,

Thanks to current BABA EC and BOT committee, BABA 2015 election was held at Fremont on Dec 2, 2014 in presence of community members.  The election was held for 2015 BABA EC Panel of President, Vice President and General Secretary, as well as two vacant BABA BOT (Board of Trustees) positions.  

We are pleased to announce the election of Muhammad Quamruzzaman of Santa Clara to BABA BOT for a term of three years from Jan 1, 2015. 

We are also pleased to announce that the panel consists of  Ashik Uzzaman of Fremont as President, Helal Chaudhury of San Jose as Vice President, and Quazi Shahriar Rahman of Fremont as General Secretary was elected.  This panel has selected the following members as 2015 EC committee :
1. Ashik Uzzaman                    President & Social Affairs Secretary
2. Helal Chaudhury                  Vice President & Finance Secretary
3. Quazi Shahriar Rahman      General Secretary & Sports Secretary 
4. Raisa Sultana                      Women & Children Affairs Secretary
5. Ananna Mohsin                    Cultural Secretary
6. Zeba Ibrahim (Soma)           Public Relations Secretary
7. Ahmed Amin                         Publication Secretary
On behalf of BABA Election Commissions, we like to extend our sincere thanks to outgoing President Helal Chaudhury and other BABA EC committee for an excellent job and dedication.  Thanks also to all members of BABA BOT for their constant guidance and advice.

Congratulations to the new BABA EC and new BOT members.  Best wishes,

Zia Karim
On behalf of BABA Election Commissions

Jan 16, 2015

Monday, December 22, 2014

JUGBD Webinar: Salesforce booming from a startup to the highly used cloud development platform

A few days back one of my ex-Colleague from Bangladesh Nazrul contacted me to have a meetup session with Java User Group Bangladesh to share some of my experience with Bangladeshi Programmers and Technologists. I was very happy to see that as I started the first Java Users Group in Bangladesh in 2002 and was very actively involved there until I came back to USA in 2005. So yesterday I presented my topic through GoToWebinar. The full session was recorded and today was uploaded in YouTube. Here is the one. I plan to engage few of my fellow technologists here in Sillicon Valley for sessions on different topics in similar style in future.