Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Please Let Us Get Some Work Done In Office

What I have been talking about for so many years has now come out as a TED talk! This is why I work twice a week late in the office till midnight when there is no one around just to actually get some work done. Please pay special attention to the 3 recommendations that Jason Fried made to remedy. I am happy that the first one is already partially implemented in my office as - No Meeting Thursday!

Monday, September 08, 2014

New York Times Mentions US On A Millionaire Chess Tournament News

Last month a reporter from New York Times called me to know more about why we registered Ahyan on Millionaire Chess tournament at such a young age of 7. He informed that he was planning to write a report on Millionaire Chess and that's when he came to know about Ahyan. I answered all his queries some of which was quoted in the article. 1st September Sunday New York Times have published the article on Millionaire Chess and we (whole family) were mentioned in it.
Here is the article link. 

The paper cutting was scanned and uploaded in Facebook by one of the Millionaire Chess participants Adia Onyango. Thank you Adia. 

The excerpt from the article where we were mentioned -

Ashik Uzzaman, 38, a software engineer who is also from California, was one of the first 76 entries, along with his son, Ahyan Zaman, 7. It will be a family vacation for them, along with Mr. Uzzaman’s wife, Sushmita, and their daughter, who is 3.

“This is our passion and our hobby,” Mr. Uzzaman said. But there was another reason that he wanted to play, and particularly for his son to participate. He said that people who were willing to spend so much money on the entry fees were really committed to the game and that would create a special atmosphere that was different from other tournaments.

The reporter Dylan McClain himself is a FIDE Master of Chess and hence is very familiar with the intricacies of Chess world.

We are ordinary people and ordinary chess players. Getting mentioned in one of the world's most widely read (and most  prestigious) newspaper is something that humbled us. We are happy and can't wait to join the Millionaire Chess tournament this October at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Vote for Me in CalChess Board of Directors Election

The election for CalChess Board of Directors will be held at 30th August 7 PM at Berkeley Chess School located at 1581 Le Roy Ave, Berkeley, California. You can find the announcement in CalChess website or in this link or simply read it below which I copied. 

If you are current member of CalChess and over 14 years of old, you are eligible for giving a vote. You have to make sure your membership didn't expire before August 30th 2014. You can check the membership list here. To give the vote you have to be physically present in that location that day.

If you are interested to run for the election yourself as one of the candidates, you will need to send an email to CalChess President Tom Langland. You should go through the updated CalChess ByLaws. And of course you have ask the voters to vote for you.

I have decided to run for the board this year. So I ask your vote. Now let me tell you what value I can add to the board. In fact when I emailed to apply for the position to Tom I offerred the below 6 items as how I can add value to the board. 
  1. Improving the CalChess Web Site
  2. Write article in CalChess Journal
  3. Chess Event Coverage
  4. Focus outside of Scholastic Chess
  5. Improve CalChess Social Web Presence
  6. Attracting Corporate World Into Chess

So while it will be a bit of drive for you, but I hope you will vote for me in this CalChess Board of Directors election as well as tell your friends to vote for me.


CalChess 2014 Annual General Meeting Date Set
August 17, 2014
by Tom Langland


The CalChess Board of Directors has selected Saturday, August 30, 2014 as the date of the next CalChess Annual General Meeting. The meeting will start at 7:00 PM. The location is still being determined but will either be at the Berkeley Chess School located at 1581 Le Roy Ave, Berkeley, California, or the Santa Clara Convention Center located at 5001 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara, CA. This will hopefully be in conjunction with the annual CalChess Labor Day State Open Championship Tournament held in Santa Clara.

During this meeting the elections for the CalChess Board of Directors will take place. Candidates and voters must be members in good standing to be placed on the ballot or to vote. Candidates and voters should review the CalChess Bylaws for eligibility.

Tom Langland
CalChess President

BABA Newsletter August 2014 Published

It took me almost 3 days of work but finally I am done. We circulated BABA Newsletter August 2014 issue last night. Most of the time went on figuring out the format and then some time went on writing the small articles. I was initially using MS Word but found that at least the background color doesn't stay when I export it to a PDF. Hence I moved to Google Docs and it was quite convenient then.

The central piece of the newsletter was Shafieen being on the cover page of Chess Life. I also added Shahriar's Kachchi Biriyani recipe and BABA's upcoming concert news of SI Tutul.

Please Click here or the image above to download the issue.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

BABA Eid Reunion 2014 - S.I. Tutul Live In Convert

BABA (Bay Area Bangladesh Association: a non-profit, non-political and secular organization)

Dear Community Member,

It is our pleasure to invite you and your family to “BABA Eid Reunion Celebration”, with a cultural program featuring the famous Bangladeshi singer SI Tutul - live in concert, first time in the Bay Area! 
We would also like to introduce the famous director Khalid Mahmood Mithu, who will be with us on that day. His Movie “Jonakir Alo – Glow of The Firefly” was nominated for the World Premier this year. 

You Tube Link: SI Tutul
Jonakir Alo – Khalid Mahmood Mithu

Date & Time:
September 20 (Saturday), 2014; 4:30 PM to 9:00 PM
4:30 PM to 5:30 PM – Social gathering and 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM – Musical event and other activities.

Visual & Performing Arts Center, De Anza College
21250 Stevens Creek Blvd, Cupertino CA 95014

Free (In front and side parking lot of the VPAC Center)

Ticket & Booth: 
This is a reserved-seating event with individual seat number. We highly recommend you to purchase the tickets in advance. Children who won't be seated in adults lap, will require a seat. Food will be available for purchase.
Early Bird Special (Purchase your ticket by 09/10/2014):
Silver: $35 Gold: $50 Platinum: $100 

Ticket Price from 09/11/2014 to 09/20/2014:
Silver: $40 Gold: $55 Platinum: $105
Booth Price: $100 / booth

For Sponsor/Advertisement Table/booth (except food), please contact any one of the following BABA EC member:

For tickets and booth information please contact any one of the following BABA Executive Committee member:

Helal Chaudhury, helal2403@gmail.com , 916-868-5602
Quazi Shahriar Rahman, rahman_77@yahoo.com , 510-456-8465
Ananna Mohshin, ananna_2006@yahoo.com , 408-476-6442
Raisa Sultana (Mitu), raisasultana@hotmail.com , 510-449-2844
Ezazul Bhuiyan, ezaz_2000@yahoo.com , 408-505-2660 

We are looking forward to seeing you at the event.


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Ceaser in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

I had a very high expectation from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes when I first saw the movie poster where Ceaser's face was portrayed with a look of a wise man (I mean ape)! So when I watched it the very first night it got released, I was stunned and speechless! It simply went on top of my imagination although I have seen Rise of the Planet of the Apes! Ceaser, the alpha Ape, is now my most favorite movie character (surpassing Hulk and if you include cartoon then will be only behind Lion-O of Thunder Cats). I have to exclude the book characters and nothing can make the same impression as the best books can! Its impossible. But even if I include book characters, I believe Ceaser will be in my top 10 list!

Well, its difficult to say which part I liked most, because I feel like I liked every second of the movie! Look at Ceaser's remarkable stand in front of his crowd. I see a leader who is shouldering the responsibility of the whole group to make a call. I see a mighty fighter who is in absolute control of his followers. I see a wise man who understands the power and strength can't be mis-used. I see a kind heart that is ready to help the weak.

These same things I have seen in Lion-O abundantly. Hulk is a lone fighter so I don't see it in him. Same applies to Batman or Spiderman or Superman or James Bond - the lone fighters can't really have that mass impacts on others. Optimus Prime of Transformers have some of these (although the tone of comedy takes away the emotional depth in most cases). Captain Krik of Star Trek has some of this.

I still hear the sigh and realization of Ceaser - “I always thought ape better than human […] I see now how much like them we are.” I am just looking for a scope to watch the movie again!

Update: Last weekend I watched it again - this time with my son Ahyan Zaman

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ Team Previews

Join FIFA on YouTube as we profile the 32 finalists set to take part in the world's biggest football tournament.