Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My First Car Accident in San Jose

Last night I was returning from a very successful AABEA event in Cafe Dhaka late at night. Shusmita, Ahyan and Nitol was in my car and Shahriar, Shochi and Safwan was in the car ahead of me. At arround 10:45 pm I wass going to take exit at 880 South in Montague Expressway. My intention was to take exit at 880 North which is only 300 feet ahead. As I realized that I am taking the wrong exit, I quickly looked at the left lane and looked over my shoulder and decided that I will come back to the original lane as their is no one to hit me at that lane. But while returning to the lane, I missed to see a small concrete trialngle divider and I directly hit that divider from the right side of my car. Result? The car flew a little and came down to earth and I had to drive around 50 feet to keep the control of the car and stop it at the last edge of the shoulder.

Thanks to almighty, none of us were injured. Even the air bag did not come out which means the hit was not as hard as it sounded initially. But both my right wheels, front and rear, were broken and the tires were worn.

Shahriar came back and gave a backup of light so that other cars don't hit my car. I called 911 and Farmers insurance. Shusmita and Ahyan went with Shahriar's family while I and Nitol waited long late night before towing car reached and took us with the car at my home.

Sometimes you need lessons to learn in life! Did I get my one?


Shabbir (Nitol) said...

I hope so. From now on be careful when you come back from AABEA meeting. Also try to keep Shahriar happy, if you make him angry, he can wish something bad. And if he wishes something bad, be careful until something happens.


Shahriar75 said...

Just don't go to AABEA meeting anymore! You forgot to mention that last time when you went there, you got a ticket too!

Unknown said...

Thanks to Allah that you all are safe. Sorry to hear your loss.


Anonymous said...

Alhamdulillah there was no injury.

Just to second on Nitol's comment - last time when Shahriar had a sigh (a real bad sigh - of course) on a car, it was immediately crushed by a truck. The incident took place in 2005 at Mobile, AL and that time the car was a BMW Z series (probably). So, DO NOT make him unhappy.

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