Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How the new year 2009 is going

Well, I started the new year 2009 with the friends in bay area all gathering in Sayeem's new bought house in San Jose. The year is going so busy that I didn't get time to write those down here for a long long time. So I am compiling some events in a one liner, each of which deserves a separate blog entry itself.

* Shahriar and Nitol visited back from Bangladesh. Abbu Ammu sent pitha, cakes with them.
* Ahyan started going to Montessori pre-school from 2nd February. Shusmita now drops me in the BART and then drops Ahyan at school by 8:45 AM. She picks her at noon, half an hour earlier than scheduled time.
* Finished Silva Method course in Sacramento at the weekend of January 24 and 25. Nitol also took the course with me. Our trainer was Steven Protopappas and the 2 day course is named Silva Life Systems (SLS). I am practicing a little bit irregularly but Nitol looks like has lost the inspiration to continue. Nitol's 2 CDs are being helpful for me.
* Mashrafee mortaza was sold at $600,000.00 in IPL making him one of the most expensive picks this year. Ashraful also got sold for $75,000.00
* Shakib Al Hasan became the TOP ICC ODI All rounder.
* I bought the personal money management software YNAB - You Need A Budget.
* Saw Slumdog Millionaire and eventually it won Oscar Award including AR Rehman's Music.
* Also liked Farhan Akhter's Luck By Chance
* release for AppStore in office didn't let me spend enough time with my family and friends this whole January and first week of February. But this weekend it was successfully deployed. Relieved...
* Nandita and Betris came to visit Shusmita this Friday for a very short tour. They are still here with us and we went to San Francisco to eat Crab last night and went to California Academy of Sciences and Berkey today.

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