Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Bowling With Friends In Fremont

Last week I went to bowling with my friends in Fremont and we enjoyed it a lot. I paid on behalf of them for the game so that everyone else pay me back later. Despite their repeated query to know how much they should pay me, I was too busy the whole last week to calculate that. Right now, having a little relax time, so I downloaded JDK 6 in my new laptop from office and wrote the small java program to calculate it. Compile and run the program to know how much I owe to each of them.

* To compile: javac -d . BowlingCost.java
* To run: java BowlingCost

import java.util.Map;
import java.util.HashMap;
import java.util.Iterator;
public class BowlingCost {
public static final double shoeRent = 4.0;
public static final double perGame = 4.25;
private static int male = 5;
private static int female = 4;
private static Map payersMaritalStatus = new HashMap();
public BowlingCost() {
payersMaritalStatus.put("Shahriar", Boolean.TRUE);
payersMaritalStatus.put("Ezaz", Boolean.TRUE);
payersMaritalStatus.put("Hasinur", Boolean.TRUE);
payersMaritalStatus.put("Nitol", Boolean.FALSE);
payersMaritalStatus.put("Ashik", Boolean.TRUE);
public static void main(String []args) {
BowlingCost cost = new BowlingCost();
System.out.println("Total Cost of Bowling = " + calculateTotal() + " dollars.\n");
System.out.println("\nThank you! It was a pleasure playing bowling with you guys!!");
private static double calculateTotal() {
return perGame * (male * 3 + female * 1) + shoeRent * (male + female);
private static void displayPaymentAmounts() {
Iterator it = payersMaritalStatus.keySet().iterator();
String payerName = null;
boolean isMarried = false;
while(it.hasNext()) {
payerName = (String) it.next();
isMarried = ((Boolean) payersMaritalStatus.get(payerName)).booleanValue();
if(isMarried) {
System.out.println(payerName + " should pay " + (perGame * (3 + 1) + shoeRent * (1 + 1)) + " dollars.");
} else {
System.out.println(payerName + " should pay " + (perGame * 3 + shoeRent * 1) + " dollars.");

If you don't want to run the program in command line or opening your favorite IDE, then you can use the following online java compiler to copy paste the code there (select Java SE 1.4 class from the drop down box at the bottom).


Here is the output if you run the program:

Total Cost of Bowling = 116.75 dollars.

Ezaz should pay 25.0 dollars.
Ashik should pay 25.0 dollars.
Hasinur should pay 25.0 dollars.
Shahriar should pay 25.0 dollars.
Nitol should pay 16.75 dollars.

Thank you! It was a pleasure playing bowling with you guys!!

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