Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Peahen At Our House

A week earlier when I was working at office before lunch, I got an email from Shusmita with a picture of a peacock. She was telling that this peacock is walking around in our patio.I was so surprised and then at night when I reached home, I saw this big bird there resting in the railing beside the entrance of our door. It's beautiful and amazing. Ahyan was jumping up and down to show it to me. Shusmita later told me that it's a peahen and not a peacock. Ahyan already named it Peacock Zaman (as his name is Ahyan Zaman).

Shusmita called the Fremont Wild Animal Association and they seemed not bothered at all. They told that if the bird is not injured, they are not coming to pick it. The first day we gave her only rice. But the very next day, Shusmita did some googling and purchased wild animal food from Petco including dogfood and lettus. The peahen seems very happy and is with us since then. My freinds and colleagues came to see it and people are excited to see this beautiful bird just within a feet of distance. As our living room and patio is only separated by a glass door which can be opened if necessary, we always see it walking around, eating or sleeping.

Nitol went to Bangladesh to get married and hence we threw 2 parties at our house with 2 different circles to celebrate it.

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