Thursday, November 25, 2010

Russell Peters Show and Eid Ul Adha

Finally, I got a hold of Russell Peters. I, Shusmita and Ahyan attended his comedy show at HP Pavillion San Jose 14th November. Abbu Ammu took care of Ahyan during that time. Shusmita at her current situation attending this show itself was a comedy. And what to tell about Russell, he is a born joker. Most of his jokes are actually about different types of people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Last time when he came to bay area couple of years back, I couldn't manager time and ticket to attend it. So this time I was adament to see the show.

This time Eid Ul Adha was celebrated in 2 different days 16th and 17th Nov. As Abbu Ammu is here, this is the first time I did Qurbani here in USA. Sayeem, Shahriar, Ezaz and I ordered Khashi for Qurbani in Bangla Bazar Sunnyvale. Abbu and Shahriar went to pick up the meat 17th evening as I was preparing to take Shusmita hospital for delivery.

We celebrated Eid at 16th Nov because our Qurbani was done that day by Bangla Bazar people. I took Abbu and Ahyan to MCA jamat. In the meantime we went to different restaurants in the nearby places as well as Sunday Farmers market regularly. I have been having nice time with my family after a long time.

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