Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Meeting of Alphas - Kenya Trip 2022


I along with my family and friends were surveying the beautiful landscape of the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya in two land rovers. Our drivers took us to a lion family consisting of 22 members, 3 of those are male lions, 8 female and the rest are cubs. From the distance, the magnificent male lions with a powerful, majestic mane emerge, exuding an air of authority and strength. One of those just stopped in front of our cars. 

I was murmuring - What a stunning creature!

The lion catches my scent and becomes intrigued, gracefully turning his head towards me just from 5 feet away. My heart races as I realize the significance of this encounter. He is no ordinary lion; he, too, is an alpha, ruler of his own world.

The lion starts with a low growl - Who dares to venture into my domain?

Me (calmly) - I come in peace. I mean no harm to your realm, great lion.

The lion looks at me with a combination of caution and curiosity, recognizing the power emanating from my presence. He nods - You are unlike the others who have come here before. Your aura speaks of authority and strength.

Me (respectful) - As yours does, noble lion. We are both leaders, alpha beings in our own right.

The lion locks eyes with me, a head-to-head eye fight of sorts, where neither of us backs down. The intensity in the air is palpable, each acknowledging the other's dominance and power.

Lion (grudgingly) - I sense no malice in you. Perhaps we are not meant to be enemies.

Me (agreeing) - Indeed. We share this land, and it is not my intention to challenge your rule.

Lion (relaxed) - Nor mine to challenge yours.

A sense of understanding passes between me and the lion, a mutual respect for each other's strength and territory.

Me (smiling) - Perhaps, as leaders, we can learn from one another.

Lion (intrigued) - Indeed. The ways of the human world and the wilderness differ, but there may be wisdom in both.

I and the lion continue to share a moment, the tension of the initial encounter now transformed into a mutual appreciation for each other's roles.

Lion (raising his head) - I bid you safe passage through my realm, alpha of your world.

Me (nods) - And I, too, wish you peace and prosperity, noble ruler of the wild.

As the sun sets on the horizon, I and the lion part ways, each knowing that though your worlds are different, there is a shared understanding and respect for the power that lies within both of you. 

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