Saturday, June 02, 2007

Good and Bad News

I have a few good and bad news from last week. The bad news first. I got a $361 red light violation ticket by postal mail with $29 processing fee for attending the driving classes as well. I didn't realize I will get this ticket when I was driving back to office from lunch at 2 PM close to my housee in Fremont. When I opened the mail, I found they gave 4 photo snaps as well as an internet link with PIN# to watch the video of how I violated the red light rule. This is California! Everything computerized, you can't deny. This is my first traffic ticket in USA and not an exciting one. :-(

Last Friday my manager in Philips cacme back from an Andover visit and amongst many other updates, he informed me that he talked to HR and Finance about my Green Card processing. :-)

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