Friday, December 14, 2007

Bangladesh Under 19 defeats Pakistan Under 19 by 3-2

I didn't see mush news on the web about Bangladesh Under 19 defeating Pakistan Under 19 in a ODI series last week by a 3-2 margin. Bangladesh lost first 2 games and won the last 3 games consecutively. The series was hosted in Pakistan. The only test between these 2 teams ended in a draw.

Now Srilanka Under 19 is visiting Bangaldesh and so far they are level with Bangaldesh 1-1 in the 5 ODI series as Bangladesh U-19 won the 1st ODI and Srilanka U-19 won the 2nd ODI.

I believe all the journalists and bloggers are so overwhelmed with India's 1-0 test series win in India last week that nothing else got focus to them. Ganguly had a dream 2007 in terms of cricket year and was awarded man of the series. I am expecting him to get the palyer of the year award for 2007.


Anonymous said...

Dearly beloved from fahad khan from new Dhaka what ever you wrote in there is bullshit and it makes me ashamed to be bangoli to read that pathetic excuse of an article and i know from the bottom of my heart that the bangoli team is shit. They won only because Pakistani team was taking it easy on them.They are all no hoper's. They should go back to the street and start playing back yard cricket.

Yours truly,

fahad khan

Ashik Uzzaman said...

Hi Fahad, I disagree with you whole heartedly. If Bangladesh would loss you would say, this team is of no use as it gets defeated to any team. Now when the Under 19 team has been consistently performing well in the last many tours, you figured out another way to ashame yourself. What a tragedy for people like you!!!

Lets take the win as win and the loss as loss. No team goes to the top in a day. We will take time but will do good in future. At least there is a hope. You yourself may be a pessimist but don't make others pessimist as well. I feel pity for people like you.

Sorry to say.

Anonymous said...

It is all because of these sycophantic bootlickers of Pakistan like anonymous that Bangladesh is finding it so hard to prosper.
I do not know which planet he is from, but on Earth , in real competitions , nobody takes it easy on competitors.
An if Pakistan does not take its games seriously, may be they should stop playing completely.
Carry on the good work, Ashik.

Ashik Uzzaman said...

Thanks AM for understanding and supporting even in a time when we are not in a good shape. We just to have to continue. It's g not a great idea to give up in any stage of life anyway.

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