Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Napa Valley, Fort Bragg Trips with Roton

Roton came at 11th November Tuesday from New York to visit California for a week. He just called me 2 days prior and hence I was not enough prepared to take day offs from office. But as Shusmita now knows driving, she was able to drive him around the neighborhood when I was in office.

The very next day 12th November, I was working from home and we started for Napa Valley in the afternoon. Apparently Napa Valley seemed to be his most favorite place probably due to his long years of experience with restaurant jobs. After driving through Napa, we came back to Golden Gate Bridge at night. It was simply so foggy that we saw Golden Gate bridge hanging in the air like it's up in the heaven! It was simply too good...

While coming driving through the San Francisco downtown, I was so sleepy that eventually at around 9:30 PM or a little later, I hit a truck from behind in front of Pier 9 just few blocks away from my office. My favorite Honda Civic's front side got completely damaged, the door broke, the radaitor broke but none of us were injured, thanks to Almighty. Shusmita and Ahyan was in the back seat while Roton was in the navigator's seat.

As a routine, I called roadside assistance and towed it to San Francisco Major Body Repair shop. Ezaz took Nitol and drove to pick us from San Francisco. We had the dinner in his house late night.

This is my second car accident and I am not scared still now. It's all upto Almighty and I better not freak out about it. So after attending Safwan's birthday Saturday afternoon, we started for Fort Bragg again with the rental car that my insurance company is covering me now. We stayed there the night and roamed around the city downtown next morning. We went to the handmade ice cream shop and the Gabrielle that we liked visiting last time. On the way back home Sunday, we again stopped at Napa Velley. Just in case I forgot to mention, we had another small accident in the morning at home when we forgot to turn off the stove of kitchen that was boiling 8 eggs. We went to tase different typoes of Dosa in Dosa Palace, Fremont and when we came back we found smoke smells everywhere in the house. Well you guess what, the fire department had to come into the house to stop the stove after it has been continuosly alarming for a long time. Big deal? No big deal!! This is life.

Roton went back to New york at Monday morning.


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