Friday, December 24, 2021

Purchased House in Bay Area, California

Finally Shusmita and I purchased a house close to my daughter's school in Fremont. We have been thinking of buying a house for some time but I had to wait until my stock lockup period was over early November for me to be able to arrange the down payment. We got the keys yesterday (23rd November), just a day ahead of the 45 days closing deadline. When middle of this year we started to look for hosue, I thought we will need some time before we can find one that we like. I had early 2022 in the back of my mind. But as it happens, all on a sudden we liked a house so much that we couldn't resist and went through a bid war to win. It's a 5 bed 4 bath 2 storied house, 3122 sq ft with 8160 lot size. We used Redfin agent and did our loan processing with Rocket Mortgage.

We are very grateful to our friends and family who supported and guided us along the way. Wali Bhai and Asha bhabi have been visiting all the potential houses that we went to check. Nody, Russell, Ashfaq, Shumi, Sumit Bhai have been giving us ideas along the way.

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