Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Amazon Kindle DX Arrived Last Night

Yesterday was amazing for me. Shusmita called me in the afternoon that my Kindle DX has arrived - it was supposed to reach me 26th but came 3 days earlier, so nice of Amazon. I immediately emailed my friends in Fremont that guys come to Starbucks tonight and I will give you a treat and show my Kindle to you! I rushed towards home and saw my beautiful gadget. It's less wider than hat I thought looking at the pictures aand videos earlier and it's very slim and book like. I copied some Bengali and English PDFs from my laptop to the Kindle and they were shown perfectly fine. Shusmita was not interested about this earlier, but yesterday after seeing it, she was excited herself and agreed that it's a great piece of gadget. At 9 o'clock, Ezaz, Shaki, Wali Bhai, Asha Vabi, Nitol, Hasinur, Sigma, Shahriar, Sachi came to Starbucks and we had some coffee from there and snacks from Chaat Cafe.

Last night I also bought the tickets of NABC 2009 for me, Shusmita, Nitol and Amin. I also received Rajshekhar Basu's Mahabharat in Bengali from Kolkata and started reading it since yesterday. But as now my Kindle has arrived, I will go and finish Asimov's robot and empire series before reading anything else.

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