Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Nobel Laureate Yunus on Bangladesh Achievements and Vision

Bangladesh is moving ahead in the right target despite many drawbacks. Dr. Younus talks about some of the socio-economic parameters supporting this. And let me tell you a few others.

* Bangladesh got Nobel Prize in 2006
* Bangladesh could reduce corruption and terrorism in last year
* Bangladesh is one of the top cricket playing nations having several achievements recently.

Listen to the video to know some more.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Sachin Tendulkar's 154 not out against Asutralia

Embedded Video

I watched the full innings of Sachin Tendulkar's 154 not out against Asutralia in the 2nd test, 3rd day of India-Australia mathc. I like Sachin like anything and this innings was very special to note because of his ability and willingness to partner with the tail enders to cross Australia's first innings total of 463 and take a 69 runs lead. Here are few links to know about him more.

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Thursday, January 03, 2008

New York TripThis Winter

Last half of the last month of the last year (2007) was full of events for me and my family.

Liju, Nitol and Shahriar dropped us at JetBlue counter in San Jose airport at 19th night. We had 4 luggages and 4 handbags as well as Ahyan's stroller, car seat. JetBlue exceeded my expectation being a local airlines, lots of leg space, very smooth take off and landing. Our flight started 10:30 PM California time and reached 6:30 AM New York time. Kakku was waiting for us to recieve and we could somehow pick all the luggage in his highlander. It was Eid Ul Azha as well. So once we reached Kakku's home at Elmhurst, Queens and met Aunt, my cousines Abir-Asif, we went for Eid prayer.

Before we came back at 25th in JetBlue, we had roamed around many places in New York. Kakku took us to a Manhattan drive at night. We went to Jackson Hights, Statue of Liberty in Liberty Island, Jamaica, Brooklyn. One evening we spent with Shusmita'd bosom friend Nandita and others while I had a nice time walking in Manhattan (Times Square, Medison Square, Macy's) with my friend Ullash there. Ullash kept big hair and surprisingly it was going well with him. At m y first visit in Jackson Hights, I bought lots of books and CDs from Muktodhara and in my second visit I bought some more. I was happily having Dunkin Donuts in New York (which I miss a lot in California), had Sagor's biriyani, Kabir Bekari's pastry/tea, Alauddin's tea as well as regular Bengali foods in my Uncle's house.

I had a gorgeous official party in San Francisco 14th evening where I and Shusmita went keeping Ahyan with Nitol, Liju and Meena behen at home.

My parents were having hajj in Saudi Arabia, so far without much trouble.

Our plan was to have the 31st night in Reno/Lake Tahoe. But Ahyan got suddenly a bad fever and we canceled the program. We had to take Ahyan to emergency when he was having ceaser, jerking and shaking. Ahyan is doing fine now although the fever is moving around from him to Shusmita to me now. The 31st night, we gathered in Shahriar's house and here some pictures from that.


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