Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend Trip to Fort Bragg/Mendocino

We didn't want to loose the long weekend for memorial day and hence had a quick trip to Fort Bragg, Mendocino which is 200 miles drive from San Francisco Bay Area. Nitol joined us in the trip and we took his car as it turned out to be a good driving experience for him in his first long trip in his new car.

The idea to choose a less tourist-crowdy place was because as my parents are coming within next few weeks, we will anyway go to many tourist places in California. So we picked this area where our chances to go more than one is very less. Here are some of the pictures of our trip -



We started at 9 in the morning of 24th May Saturday. The drive through the Highway One was amazing. Ocean and Beaches in the one side, hills and trees in the other side. And every half an hour the road and sceneries change. That evening we went to Glass Beach from our hotel. We had nice dinner in Mendo Bistro.

Sunday morning we covered a light house in the Fort Bragg area. Then we went to the Skunk Train BBQ journey. There we saw one of the tallest, widest and longest living trees in the world - Giant Sequoia and Coast Redwood. It was a good experience and arguably the best part of our trip.

Monday, on the way to Drive Through Tree park in Leggett, we stopped for a while in Seaside Creek Beach in Mendocino and this beach was a unique one among many we have seen. We reached back around 9 at night. When we reached Fremont, we saw Tufail Vai's Just Bought Lexus IS 250 car. Good one to finish the trip with! Overall, it was another good trip!!

And today, Shusmita passed her DMV road test to get the driver's license finally.

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