Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bangladesh Election 2008

Within a few hours, Bangladesh Election 2008 will start. I think Awami League is a favorite this time considering the huge damage happened to BNP during last 2 years of emergency rules. But I am relieved that whatever it took, we are again going towards and elected Govt.

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I watched Amir Khan's Ghajini last evening and admire it. He accted so well and the move reminded me what as a human being we are capable of.

Along with all these, I have been preparing to take the Silva Mind Control/Medication Training in a month or two. I think I need to re-organize my inner disciplines, specially time management and food habit, and this course should help me with that a lot.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Sachin Wins 1st Test Against Chennai Chasing 387 with unbeaten century

I followed most of the first test and almost all of the fifth day's magical chase of Tendulkar winning the test against England in Chennai with a fine 103 not out. It was a dream come true for me like many others to see Sachin in this perfect role. Read the details here -

There are so many good batting points he wrote besides his yesterday and one of those are his 3rd fourth innings century where he is ahead of Lara, equal to Bradman but behind Pointing yet.

Last year, Tendulkar made a fourth innings half-century (56*) to defeat Pakistan as I observed that with intense as well like this time as I knew Tendulkar has a poor fourth innings record compared to Ponting or Gavaskar (and almost same as Lara). Not to the same scale worthy of mentioning that amongst all his fourth innings Tendulkar had 36* not out chasing 184 against Zimbabwe in 2001 and 32 * not out chasing 123 against South Africa in 2004. Here is a complete list of number of not outs in fourth innings of Test where Tendulkar is only behind Desmond Haynes and Rahul Dravid.

Also look for the top run chases link in cricket24x7 blog post. Don't forget to read the winning run and hundred that says Tendulkar's winning boundary that gave him the century from 99 to 103* and also won the test match for India, is only second time in Test history to happen so along with Ricky Ponting's over-boundary against South Africa in 2002 that gave him exactly 100* - both these are amazing feats indeed.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

How Much Can You Ignore?

It's so easy to ignore loss to others but so difficult to ignore loss to yourself.

Can you ignore bad events, losses happening to you easily? No? But you can do the same when it comes to others. I believe I have always been able to ignore most of the losses to myself throughout my life. It's not very good I know. But at least the first quote in this entry is not applicable to me.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Long ThanksGiving Holidays in Pismo Beach and Las Vegas

I had a long thanksgiving holiday this time without any turkey, first in Pismo Beach with friends and second in Las Vegas.

We started 27th November morning with Nitol, Ezaz, Wali Bhai and their families to San Luis Obispo where Noel joined us. We had nice fun together with girls and kids in one room and all the guys in the other room. We did a BBQ the very next day. On the way back home, we stopped at Big Sur Saturday.

Sunday went on packing for the Las Vegas trip. I spent the some part of the night in Ezaz's house and in Washington Hospital Emergency with Nitol as he kind of broke his leg while jumping. with his room mates for a photo session in Big Sur.

December 1st Monday we caught the SouthWest airlines at 6 AM in the morning for and landed Las Vegas in one and half hours. We stayed 3 nights and 4 days that Shusmita, Ahyan and I enjoyed a lot. After a rest day in the hotel Imperial Palace to cover up the journeys we were having, we visited Bellagio for water show, watched the Sirens of TI in Treasure Island, visited Madam Tussads WAX Musuem and took the Gondola Ride in The Venetian. We also covered a show in New York New York, visited the Luxor. The returngng day (4th December) we visited the secret gardens in The Mirage where we saw dolphins, white tiger, white lion, panther, chitah and so many other things and took pictures with those.

It was a great vacation pair indeed!

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