Saturday, September 29, 2018

Amir Khan's and Amitabh's Thugs Of Hindostan Should Break All Indian Film Records

I think Amir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan's long awaiting Thugs of Hondostan is going to break all time Indian box office records. Currently the record is held by Amir Khan's Dangal which has made 300 to 310 million us dollars (2000 to 2100 crosses indian rupees). This I won't be surprised if crosses 400 or 500 million us dollars. There are many reasons why I think so. The most important reason, of course, is that you are getting 2 greatest Indian actors together competing in act in 2 different very string characters - Amir Khan and Amitabh. They have never worked together in the past, and both of their fans would love to find out who acted better (a very subjective call though). Second the plot is very near and dear to Indians, and all the Indian sub-continent people - the British invasion of India and how some natives fought for freedom. This plot alone would draw many into the theater. Third, the animation or CGI looked very top class to me from the trailer. Fourth, in such a heavy weight topic, enough comedy and commercial strings like Katrina Kaif, have been mixed well. Let's see does it do, once it comes out in the theater at November 8th.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Support Fahria Khan for 2018 Fremont School Board In California

Fahria Khan, recipient of State Assembly member Kansen Chu's 2018 Community Hero Award, is running for the  2018 Fremont School Board membership. A mother of 5 children, we all have seen Fahria working tirelessly in our Fremont Schools for so many years. I have closely experienced her professionalism, quality, and persistence in organizations such as Fremont Education Foundation, Girls Scouts, Cub Scouts, PTO/PTA President, Diwali/Cultural Celebration in Schools, etc. She is the most qualified person for the Fremont School Board position. As a volunteer, she has been involved in different project, schools and has done great works with different communities. She has set an example in fairness, thoughtfulness and honesty in her works.

Please come forward and support her so that she can work to build the future of your children in Fremont Unified School District.

Web Site:

The Fremont Unified School District Board of Education in California consists of five members elected at large to four-year terms. This year 2 of the positions are open for re-election. There are approximately one hundred thousand voters in this school district. You have to be a US citizen to vote.

Nov 6th - Election Day (Polls open 7- 8)
Oct 22nd - Last day to register to vote (Do It Online)
Oct 30th - Last day to request a Vote by mail ballot
  • Larry Sweeney (incumbent)
  • Fahria Khan
  • Norman Howell
  • Dianne Jones
  • Hua Li
  • Hiu Ng
  • Sylvia Wong

    Sunday, September 16, 2018

    Thought#5 - Dead Cat Bounce

    A dead cat bounce refers to the phenomenon of financial markets when we see a temporary recovery in a stock (or a crypto currency) price or see a temporary market rally after a significant downward trend.

    For example, let's assume the market has been falling over the last ten weeks but there is a broad market rally in week 11. The rally is considered a dead cat bounce if it's short-lived and the market continues to fall again in week 12.

    So does only the dead cat bounce, not dead dog or alive cat?!

    Thoughts on Life, Death, and Overcoming Fear

    I've been pondering a topic that's universally relevant yet rarely discussed - death and the anxieties it evokes. As I delve deeper ...