Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A Fantastic Yosemite Trip & More

Lots of things happened pretty quickly in last few days. Emon (Sazzad) and Saiful came from Atlanta to visit us last Thursday night (28th Feb). I & Nitol picked them from San Francisco Airport late at night. Liju and his newly wed wife Deepthy were waiting for us back home with Shusmita & Ahyan when we reached after midnight.

Nitol rented a Pontiac G6 the next morning that took us to Silicon Valley. We picked Sayeem from EBay first and then visited Google's office. Shahriar was waiting in Starbucks near his Cadence office. By the time we came back home and started for Yosemite, it was 1:45 PM afternoon. I booked a 2 bed room fully furnished resort in Bass Lake (15 miles from before Yosemite) via my trial time share for this weekend. Yosemite is one of my favorite places in California which is couple of hundred miles from Fremont where I live in. The roads to Yosemite are a little curvy and so Shusmita was anxious while we were driving at night.

The first night's stay was full of playing cards (29), random chats - specially the Therap time, so we woke up late in the morning. After having breakfast in the restaurant near the lake we reached Yosemite at noon. Here are some pictures from Nitol on the trip including Silicon valley and Bass lake.


This is the 4th time in last 3 years I have visited Yosemite. It's still the same beautiful El Capitan rock and Yosemite falls there. Although Bass Lake was new to me in this trip, I still liked the tunnel through which we enter the Yosemite rock area. El Capitan looks different at different times of the day based on the reflections of sunlight. And the first time I went just at the bottom of the Yosemite fall that was full of water - very very cold water. Fortunately the weather was excellent despite a snow storm couple of weeks back.

The next day, after spending another round in Bass lake restaurant to have breakfast, we started for home at 12:30 PM. On the way back, I was driving with high speed and as Nitol was following me, both of us got speeding tickets.

I hosted a small dinner party in Gulistan that (Sunday) night where Sayeem came with Shorno and Shahriar came with Sachi & Safwan. We left for airport at 8:30PM to drop Emon and Saiful.

Last night (Monday) when I, Liju & Nitol came back picking pizza from Pizza Hut, Shusmita gave me the great good news that my parents got visa for USA. They had to wait almost 7 months for FBI name check clearance but at last it's done and over successfully. It's so wonderful a news. I am very happy today!

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