Saturday, August 07, 2021

My Talk on How to Manage a Technical Team in Managed Coder

I got to know Shahed Islam via LinkedIn when he commented on some of my leadership posts that I shared in my wall. We found common interest and enthusiasm in the area of leadership and management theories and practices. Hence we synced up in a zoom call one day and talked about why we are so fond of Patrick Lencioni, John Maxwell, Simon Sinek, Malcolm Gladwell, Gary Vaynerchuk et al. Since then we have been discussing several topics in a monthly basis taking break from our busy time of work and life. He demonstrates what we very well know as servant leadership and is keen to help out people both here in USA as well as in Bangladesh. So when he came up with a plan for a series of interviews with different leaders and picked me to talk about a topic I was happy to participate. As a result here is my half an hour talk on his site the Managed Coder.

Thoughts on Life, Death, and Overcoming Fear

I've been pondering a topic that's universally relevant yet rarely discussed - death and the anxieties it evokes. As I delve deeper ...