Sunday, June 21, 2020

Gorvodharini (গর্ভধারিণী) by Samaresh Majumdar

Gorvodharini is a popular and well-known book written by famous Indian Bengali novelist Samaresh Majumdar, published from Kolkata in 1986. It's a story of 4 revolutionary youth Anand, Kalyan, Sudip, and Joyita who went to shake the consciousness of feudal society by taking arms in hand. While their small movement could hardly make a dent in the society, they ran away to Nepali underprivileged village in remote mountains and built a new society. It's the story of Joyita eventually turning into Drimit with the hope for a new society where they hope for equality, simplicity, and justice.

When I was in school and college, books of Samaresh Majumdar along with Sunil Gongopadhdhay, Shirshendu were things that everyone would read. I somehow couldn't read it at that time, but I am glad that finished it now to revisit those old days.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Top 10 Soft Skills You Need To Land A High Paying Job | Soft Skills Cras...

1. Positive mental attitude 2. Self/Achievement motivation 3. What is Communication? 4. Communication and Listening Skills 5. Conflict Resolution 6. Leadership 7. Relationship Building 8. Negotiation and Meditation 9. Teamwork 10. Work Ethics

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