Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bought Honda Pilot Touring 2014

It has been a while since I last posted an entry in this blog. This is primarily because I got too much involved in chess activities for me and my son recently. But today I will take some time will update a few things that were in my mind for a while to do.

I bought Honda Pilot Touring 2014 at April 9th from Kastner Honda at Napa Valley. My wife was looking for the blue color which we couldn't find earlier in bay area. I went through to get internet rates and finally got the color and price matching fine in Napa. Shahriar drive me in a weekday and we bought and drive back the car!

In the meantime, I got involved a bit with Bay Area Bangladesh Association (BABA) and we delivered our first cultural program of the year in March 29th bring Mila from Bangladesh for a Live Concert. We got well responses from the community and are planning on our next event.

In the meantime, I registered myself and Ahyan for the high stake chess tournament Millionaire Chess that will be held in Las Vegas this October. Ahyan won 5 nights hotel stay in lottery that will reduce my costing for this event. Being an early registrant, I just came to know last week that we both have been awarded the MC Lifetime VIP Membership from GM Maurice Ashley and Amy Lee, the partners of Millionaire Chess, LLC. I whole heartedly wish success to this event.

I sponsored my father in law and mother in law for US tourist Visa gtom Bangladesh and they got the 5 years multiple entry visa. They will be visiting next month.

As we got our green card last December (2013) Shusmita is now thinking if she should go back to work. Its a diillema for her because she doesn't want Suhaila to be missing the extra care that she could give by not working full time. But as Suhaila is going to pre-school, I guess she is finally thinking to make the move.

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