Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Moved To New House & Tuhin Bhai's Quick Visit

We moved to a new rental house near BART end of last month. We have stayed in LakeView Apartments for three and half years before moving here. I was too busy with my office works the last month and hence Shusmita did most of the packings. We got the new house key 1 week earlier than our move in date of first November. So we actually moved 24th October Saturday and took rest of the one week to slowly finish the moves. We rented DesiMovers who moved all out packed cartoon (30+) and many unpacked staffs. They disassembled the bed and assembled back again. Although a bit costly, they were quick and did a good job of transferring all the staffs and assembling those back again. All our friends in Fremont liked the house as we did. I wish I would not be a tenant but the owner of the house! However, buying house is very expensive in California and I can't simply afford it maintaining my current lifestyle, I let myself forget about it.

Tuhin Bhai (Ripa's hubby) gave a surprise visit to my new house last weekend. He called me a few days earlier that his ship is unloading in Los Angeles and he will again start for San Francisco within a few hours. His ship (Ginga Leopard) eventually reached Richmond last Friday morning. He is the chief engineer of the ship. I took a day off from office that day and picked him, Bahar Bhai (captain) and Nure Alam Bhai (third engineer). By the time I drove and picked them from the IMTT and acme back home it was late in the afternoon. They had a quick lunch at my house and then we went for shopping. I took them to Best Buy in Fremont where they bought 2 40" Sony Bravia HDTVs, 5 Sony VOI laptops, 4 cameras, 1 handy cam etc. Then we went to grocery shopping in Namaste Plaza for their ship crews. Nitol accompanied me in this whole run around since the evening. We had a nice dinner at Shalimar after 10 PM. Before dropping them to the ship again at 1:30 PM, we went to Walmart for some cosmetics and clothes.

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