Thursday, June 12, 2008

Two Bengali Events in Bay Area and Sarkar Raj

Last 2 weekends we attended 2 Bangladeshi events. The first one was Sadi Mohammad's Robindro Sangeet & Others songs arranged by Porshi in Sabir Vai's house. I, Shusmita, Ahyan & Nitol attended that a little late in the afternoon as we were late to get back from Pakwan Hayward. Shuvojit, Saneyat joined me and Nitol in Sunday lunch Buffet in Pakwan and Saneyat brought the old Notre Dame College's journal where we saw our 16 years' old pictures.

The second event was a Bangladesh-Kolkata Natto Mela in Pleasanton where Nitol, Ezaz, Shaki also joined us. Sayeem and Shorno came late in the evening to catch the Bangladeshi performance "American Dream: Bela Shesh Edition". It gave me a clear picture of typical NRBs living here.

Sarkar Raj came out last week and Shusmita was ready to let me go alone leaving her with Ahyan at home. Thanks to her, I sent an email for Guys Night Out to watch it in Fremont Naz initially for Wednesday. But people need at least one day time, so we later moved it to Thursday night. Nitol, Shahriar, Ezaz, Hasinur and me watched the movie at 8 PM show last night. It was the first and so far the only good Bollywood movie in 2008. It's as good as it's previous episode Sarkar. Once again it proved what Amitabh is capable of showing at his old age. Abhishek was good and Aishwarya didn't get enough chance to perform due to heavy weightege of the movie on Amitabh-Abhishek. The other guy I liked was Chandar. I believe people like Chandar are the base of an empire or Don.

Tonight we have a dinner invitation in Pakwan on the even of Tufail Bhai buying a Lexus S 250 few weeks back.

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