Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My car window broken into pieces - welcome year 2010

I was quite relaxed for this President's day long weekend as we have finished a major project development work recently in office. So last Friday night I, Shusmita, Ahyan and Amin went to watch the late night to show of Karan Johar's My Name Is Khan in Big Cinema of Fremont (formerly Naz8). Once we came back to the car parking after the show at 2 AM and saw my front passenger's window are broken into pieces. Ah well, our car luck is not going good! Although I have insurance and I took care of the police report, ultimately the out of pocket $500 is an unnecessary cost on top of the recent parking tickets we got. We were planning for a long drive to Napa or highway one this Sunday but we had to skip it as we can't drive the car with the broken glasses. Hence I made the glass replacement done and also did a comprehensive interior wash of the car to get rid of all the small glass pieces out of it. I still have to follow up with insruance for the rest of the damange of the cars which I think is not too much.

Anyway the year 2010 started with a good note when we enjoyed the 31st night in Zeeshan Bhai's house with a private concert of Tahshan and Mithila. I have been enjoying various cricket tournaments involving Bangladesh and India last couple of months despite all my project pressure in office. So far the outstanding opener Tamim Iqbal, the new found Imrul, Mahmudullah an Mushfiqur along with Sachin's 4 centuries in  consecutive tests have given me immense pleasure. The new year also came with the much anticipated Apple iPad tablet (I should call it first generation) and my current understanding is that my Kindle is sufficient for me until I see lot of new things that I was expecting in the second generation of iPad probably next year or later.

Our long time friends Liju and Deepthy moved back to India at least for one year. We have been so habituated seeing them every week that we will definitely miss them as they will miss Ahyan even more. Good luck Liju and Deepthy, hope to see you back in California next year.

Morning today I was very happy to read Bangladeshi Grand Master Niaz Murshed's initiative on promoting chess in Bangladesh and subsequently effecting the chess trends of South Asia by arranging regular title tournaments at different venues in Bangladesh. Susan Polgar posted the entry below on a note by the first GM of South Asia Niaz (remember that Anand was second to him) here -

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