Sunday, September 08, 2013

Took 3rd Place in Under 2000 Section of CalState Class Chess Championship 2013, Labor Day Weekend

I and Ahyan played CalState Class Chess Championship 2013 in Under 2000 (1800-1999) and Under 1000 (600-799) sections respectively. Ahyan's game was August 31st, 5 Round swiss. My games were Sept 1st and 2nd with 6 round swiss. Ahyan didn't do good this time ending up with 2 points out of 5 where 1 point is from bye, 1 from win in the last round and 3 losses.

I played well and became 3rd in the U2000 section getting $200 in the process as prize money. With this my post event tournament rating jumped from 1870 to 1924. Here is the final standings of all the sections and you have to scroll down a bit to find section A (1800-1999) result. In the open section IM Ricardo De Guzman won the trophy.

I didn't notice earlier but I see now that I have a FIDE rating of 1739 since last August 2013. So my next target will be to increase the rating and cross the 2000 barrier.

Here are my 6 games that I played in this Labor Day Weekend Tournament.

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