Friday, November 26, 2010

My Daughter Suhaila Is Born

By the grace of almighty, my daughter Suhaila Zaman was born 18th Nov, 2010 (Thursday) at Washington Hospital, Fremont, California, USA at 1:25 PM. It was a normal delivery and both the Mom and baby are doing well now although the baby got a routine jondis after discharging from Hospital at the 3rd day.The bay was 7 pounds and 8 ounces, 19 inches at birth.

Name: Suhaila Zaman
Father's Name: Ashik Uzzaman
Mother's Name: Shusmita Haque
Date of Birth: 18 Nov, 2010
Birth Time: 1:25 PM
Birth Place: Washington Hospital, Fremont, California, USA
Weight During Birth: 7 lb 8 oz
Lenght During Birth: 19" or 48 cm
Blood Group: 
Shusmita's Doctor: Dr. Shakira Karipineni
Suhaila's Pediatrician: Dr. Veena Puri 

Shusmita has been thinking to give the name Joyita to our daughter. The great the name seems, it's not a very muslim sounding name and hence I was not in favor of it. Instead I was favoring the name Sumayra which Shusmita didn't like anyway. Ahyan used to call his little sister Lilly for no reason (or may be Lilly came for Little somehow?!). Then Shusmita thought of Swaibah after searching for good muslim baby girl names. Very late in the game, we came to know that the meaning of Swaibah is not useful - it means small branches of tree. So we again started looking for name and Shusmita found Maymuna, wife of Prophet (SAWS). However, Abbu told me that there was a character in this name Prophet's time who gave hard time to our prophet. So as he insisted we also skipped this name. Then I started looking at the names of Sahabiyats of Islam and figured out the name Suhaila which is derived from Suhaila Bint-e Masood. Suhaila is an Indian word the meaning of which is Moonshine i.e. Jochna or Chader Alo in Bengali. Also there is an Arabic word Suhaila which refers to the second brightest star in the sky. While we already finalized this name, we got a late suggestion from my in-laws for the name Humayra. But we sticked to Suhaila anyway. Now my mom decided to keep a short and easily pronounceable nick name instead of calling Suha or Ila which I thought we might be using at home. A long exercise with name!

Abbu left for Dhaka at 22nd afternoon and reached there at 24th Nov in Emirates. Abbu's flight from Dubai to Dhaka couldn't land on time due to heavy fogs. As a result the plain circled in the sky for 1 hour 50 minutes and at one time started for Kolkata to land before was called back.

I took 2 weeks of paternity leave from office and along with Ammu are in a good shape to handle the  early days now when Shusmita is not much mobile. Today we mini-celebrated 1 week of birth of Suhaila; or should I say Suhaila's first birth-week?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Russell Peters Show and Eid Ul Adha

Finally, I got a hold of Russell Peters. I, Shusmita and Ahyan attended his comedy show at HP Pavillion San Jose 14th November. Abbu Ammu took care of Ahyan during that time. Shusmita at her current situation attending this show itself was a comedy. And what to tell about Russell, he is a born joker. Most of his jokes are actually about different types of people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Last time when he came to bay area couple of years back, I couldn't manager time and ticket to attend it. So this time I was adament to see the show.

This time Eid Ul Adha was celebrated in 2 different days 16th and 17th Nov. As Abbu Ammu is here, this is the first time I did Qurbani here in USA. Sayeem, Shahriar, Ezaz and I ordered Khashi for Qurbani in Bangla Bazar Sunnyvale. Abbu and Shahriar went to pick up the meat 17th evening as I was preparing to take Shusmita hospital for delivery.

We celebrated Eid at 16th Nov because our Qurbani was done that day by Bangla Bazar people. I took Abbu and Ahyan to MCA jamat. In the meantime we went to different restaurants in the nearby places as well as Sunday Farmers market regularly. I have been having nice time with my family after a long time.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Abbu Ammu Reached Safely In USA

Abbu Ammu reached San Francisco Airport at 31st October by Emirates via Dubai. I picked them from airport taking a rental Van as it was a working day (Monday). Unfortunately out of the 4 luggages and a few carry on bags, one luggage which was full of different foods Ammu brought for us, got missing. Abbu brought the claim number and we got the bag back in 2 days. But by that time some excellent food got damaged including my favorite Mera Pitha (a kind of local cake).

Ahyan is enjoying his time with Dada Bhai and Dida now. We are relieved as now it will be easier for us to handle the upcoming situation.

I am eating different kinds of foods that Ammu brought. Pakkon pitha, Premium sweets shondesh, Yousuf bakery chanachur.

We had an issue with our land in Uttara and hence Abbu has to go back to Dhaka 22nd November. Abbu will be back again end of January. Ammu will be here during this time to support us. This time I am planning to arrange Qurbani of a Goat at Bangla Bazar. Sayeem, Shahriar and Ezaz are also doing the same there.

We had an interesting Diwali party at office yesterday where our CIO Kirsten wore an Indian Sari to surprise us.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Bangladesh's National Dish Now-a-days

This is after making a Bangla-wash of New Zealand in Dhaka recently by 4-0 in the ODI series.
Courtesy: HoldingWilley Web Site

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