Monday, January 02, 2017

A Quick Look At The Gone Year 2016

Another year went by - 2016. Let's visit the highlights that happened around me.


  • Suhaila got admitted to public school. She got the sibling privilege as Ahyan is already a student there at Parkmont Elemetary School.
  • Adobe Systems acquired TubeMogul at the end of the year. So I am now an Adobe employee.
  • Started understanding Quran with meaning as well Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadiths. I am expecting it to be a 5 to 10 years journey to finish even for once if Allah wills.
  • My parents-in-law came to visit us and we all went to attend Sadiaa's convocation at Tufts University, Boston, MA.
  • Watched the best Bangladeshi movie in recent times Aynabaji. Amitabh Reza Choudhury's visit to us was a great bonus.
  • Participated in Millionaire Chess 3 in New Journey, probably the last edition of MC for foreseeable future. It was great to meet Amy Lee with my family during her trip to bay area.
  • Sadiaa got a job in San Francisco and she moved to our place. The kids are so fond of her and its a blessing for Shusmita as well.
  • Started listening to audiobooks and finished 56 books this year (one book I couldn't include in goodreads).
  • In the year end trip, we rode in hot air balloon. A tick mark from bucket list.
  • Litu Bhaijan visited us from Japan with his family.
  • Finally started managing my personal finance actively.
  • Attended some great sessions face to face with Sheykh Yasir Qadhi, Ustaad Nouman Ali Khan, Al Jazeera's Mehid Hasan, Professor Reza Aslan.


  • Donald Trump won 2016 US Presidential election defeating all republican competitors as well as democrat candidate Hillary Clinton by surprise and by miles.
  • A series of terrorist attacks all across the globe including the one in Dhaka's Artisan cafe left many of us paranoid and highly frustrated.
  • My USCF and FIDE chess rating remained below 2000 dropping slightly.
  • I haven't been able to start working out despite thinking about it several times.

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