Friday, December 31, 2021

Buying My Super Car: Tesla Model S 2022

When I first went to see my house 1st week of November, I noticed a Tesla charger installed on the garage. It got me the idea that I need to buy a Tesla. I explored the option to buy a Tesla a few years back when we went to visit our friend Nody and Russell in Austin, Texas. But I decided against that considering the relatively lower milage and hence frequent need to charge the car outside. At that time Tesla didn't have as many super chargers like today (30,000+). But now that the milage is significantly higher and my Honda Accord is not in a good shape, I found the legitimate excuse to consider buying a Tesla, in addition to the fact that electrical vehicles are going to be the future of transportation. I initially thought of buying a Tesla Model Y SUV but then quickly opted for Model 3 Sedan. Few days ago, I showed Shusmita Model 3 in a road and she didn't feel quite content with its relatively smaller size. So I decided to pick Model S instead.

In terms of color I was thinking of Red, Blue or Black. Shusmita's choice was blue which is also the color of our Honda Pilot. So here is our final configuration that is costing me 111k. I gave a $250 booking to keep myself in the line as it was showing I will get the car delivery in July 2022.
  • Model S Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive
  • Deep Blue Metallic
  • 19" Tempest Wheels
  • All Black Premium Interior with Ebony Décor
  • Yoke Steering
  • Autopilot

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Year In Review: 2021

2021 was another eventful year in my life. Here are some reflections on it and what I am looking forward to.

Looking Back on 2021

  • How do I feel about the past year? What were my emotional highlights and lowlights?
  • What’s most important in my life right now? What really matters to me?
  • How did I do on my most important priorities this past year?
  • What have I learned?
  • What do I need from myself and others to make an honest assessment of my life, my priorities and what matters most to me and those I love?
  • How clearly do my actions and choices reflect those priorities?
When thinking of these questions few things come to mind. By start of this year I have accepted the fate of pandemic of covid-19 and how it has changed our life style. I accepted I can't just travel anywhere I like including visiting Bangladesh to meet my parents, brothers and relatives. I continued reading and writing book reviews every week. I overshot my goodreads book reading challenge by finishing 81 books this year instead of my initial target 70. I started the year with a promotion at work (from line management to mid level management i.e. managing managers) and geared my company Marqeta towards a mid year IPO. As a follow up to that I was able to buy my house finally at the end of the year. I also gave a booking for a Tesla Model S that I am expecting to receive delivery by July 2022. I also signed up a contract with BPB Publications to write a book on distributed systems at scale after preparing the outline and reviewing it with them. Apart from this, I started SeeTune Entertainment LLC with my brother and his best friend Bappi to produce films and other contents for OTT platform. Also the movie Rickshaw Girl, of which I am one of the investor producers, was released with good success.

Looking Forward to 2022

  • What kind of person am I becoming? Who do I want to be? What values will I live by?
  • Where do I want to be a year from now? What do I need to do or learn to get there?
  • Am I on the best path to become the person and live the life I want?
  • How can I be more intentional about living my values and fulfilling my mission in life?
  • What kind of support do I need from others and where will I find it?
  • What course corrections or changes in my life do I need to implement this year?
  • What am I doing to renew, reinvigorate, and reinvent myself and my life? 
I am looking forward to another career advancement event in the coming year. I hope to finish and get close to publishing the book I signed for with BPB Publications on distributes systems at scale. I am looking forward to come back to normal life, going to office few days a week, travel different places. I am particularly excited to going to different road trips with my new Tesla Model S once I receive the delivery. I am also looking forward to my trip to Bangladesh to meet my parents and relatives. Also I hope my parents as well as my younger brother's family will be able to visit us this year in my new house.

Friday, December 24, 2021

Purchased House in Bay Area, California

Finally Shusmita and I purchased a house close to my daughter's school in Fremont. We have been thinking of buying a house for some time but I had to wait until my stock lockup period was over early November for me to be able to arrange the down payment. We got the keys yesterday (23rd November), just a day ahead of the 45 days closing deadline. When middle of this year we started to look for hosue, I thought we will need some time before we can find one that we like. I had early 2022 in the back of my mind. But as it happens, all on a sudden we liked a house so much that we couldn't resist and went through a bid war to win. It's a 5 bed 4 bath 2 storied house, 3122 sq ft with 8160 lot size. We used Redfin agent and did our loan processing with Rocket Mortgage.

We are very grateful to our friends and family who supported and guided us along the way. Wali Bhai and Asha bhabi have been visiting all the potential houses that we went to check. Nody, Russell, Ashfaq, Shumi, Sumit Bhai have been giving us ideas along the way.

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