Sunday, March 01, 2009

BDR Mutinee And Crisis in Bangladesh

Just when I was thinking we (Bangladeshis) are moving forward with the newly elected Govt bringing hopes for a better democracy, I was shocked with this week's BDR Mutinee and massacre killings of Bangladesh Army's high officials in Pilkhana right in the enter of the capital city Dhaka.

This is so sad that it can't be described in written words. We 6 families in Fremont were watching a movie Delhi 6 and at the end of the movie, Shahriar one of my friends told me that he just heard during the intermission of the movie that there is a mutinee happended in Dhaka little earlier against the Army officers. And it's widely suspected that DG of BDR Major General Shakil are of the many high officials who got killed as part of it.

We rushed to home to call back to Bangladesh to make sure our family and relatives there are safe. Yes, by almighty, they were. But this is not the same case for many of the others.

It's just hopelesss, sad, shocking and distrous in lack of words something worse than these...

How come a few BDR soldiers start a suiciadl missions to kill their officers. No one will do it for money and facilities. Ss there is something a bigger crisis behind it. We got to know, we have to know.


CNB said...

We wish you in Bangladesh all the best. This is a sad development indeed.

Anonymous said...

I havn't had a good nights sleep, even though I live 13,000 miles away. Since I was a cadet once, I feel a blood connection with the officers....but my

sentiments aside, the point is our country has been going downhill exponentially even before its inception. And all the so called "buddhi-jibi" are the

greatest selfish retards I have seen anywhere in the world. Before we used to be poor in terms of money, now we are poor in terms oh humanity - our

education system is a joke, Almost every single person who is a "who's who" isn't worth their salt. Corruption, easy money and to have and show off more

than your neighbor - is our main driving force.
I feel ashamed at the fact that I still feel amazed by all the political parties trying to spin it to their benefit. Noone does their jobs, they are not

even qualified - my observation however, the only organization that had the majority of its workforce honest would be the Armed forces. Sure, the

Generals are sleaze balls just like the political leaders......
Of course there have been some sort of outside help for the BDR pigs - maybe it is the smugglers groups, maybe it is some lowly branch of RAW - but I

dont think Bangladesh is worthy enough such that the indian government is involved. They have much bigger fish to fry.
And the responsibility to clean house falls on our shoulders. I feel ashamed to be born in Bangladesh...I dont even want to think about that

godforesaken country - but here I am losing sleep...........
The people of have the social, religious, or government powers - more than 70% of them are just plain losers. And all this talk, analysis - adding to

the noise. I think the first thing that would have happened in any civilized nation - would be for the Army Chief to resign and then the relevant

ministers and cabinet secretaries should have resigned. All the Chiefs and deputy chiefs of all intelligence agencies should be suspended and taken

under remand.

Anyway - all you guys are talking about is worthless - most of you probably cheated in your exams, most of your dads are so corrupt that you secretly

boast about it. So, Fuck you bangladeshies - Here is my suggestion, I dont have the balls to do it, but if somebody is out there - please get rid of all

politicians, every single one of them - across all parties. Hang all the corrupt government officials - just look at their position and check out their

lifestyle....Democracy is not for a country like us. We are not ready for it. If you are so hung up on democracy then at least prepapre the country

first for it. We can learn a lot from China - take action as it applies to your problem, just copying others will not solve the problem - because every

situation is unique. Enough with the Hasina, Jamat, Khaleda, Ershads...........and their whores (male and female). They just need to leave...........
We also need a system where no one person can be PM or President just once..........and if you are a direct relative of some elected jackass, you dont

get to participate in the 2 subsequent elections, even if you are a godsend - quantity of people is one thing we have in abundance.
All men are born equal but they dont die equal - so if you have the communist ideas, and feel like the bastards who were expressing solidarity with the

BDR pigs - you are a loser - get a life.

Lastly, I cant wait for this Hizra Gen Moin to get lost from the Army chief position.......Geeeez, how on earth does a hizra like him came to be the

Army chief in the first place?

And to all those "intelligent" assholes, saying the main focus of this mass murder to de-stabilize the country - who are you kidding? Do you have any

notion of what a stable country even looks like? The focus was simple - to destroy our Army. You know why? because the Army is the single force who our

undisciplined hoodlum nation was afraid of - and they were very very efficient in maintaing order in terms of crises and also natural disasters. But I

guess most of you wont get it because you guys cheated on your exams ans still think you deserve the same honor as the kid who stood first. I still

remember having to argue with assholes who wanted say the SSC and HSC exams were 4 hours instead of 3 hours in cadet colleges - hahahaha!

Go to hell you all heart goes out to the departed souls..........they were too good for a fucked up country and they were

brutally murdered for serving it.

I piss on Zia, Mujib, Ershad...........and all your bribed whore monger guys know who you are!

Anonymous said...

Exclusive Audio clip 33:40 min

Col Saif said...

The BDR carnage was a systematic preplanned killing of the best collection of army officers who were national assets. Nothing can replace this damage. This has severely affected the morale of all members of the armed forces particularly the junior officers. They became so emotional that they only think of military action could have been the best option given the fact the rebels were too afraid to run away if army moved in. However, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh wisely opted for a peaceful solution rather than purely military action, fearing it could mess up the conflict into a full-blown bloodbath within the BDR compound. The decision was very critical, which is now proved to have been handled with remarkable political wisdom and foresight, resolve and equanimity. The army has also shown remarkable good sense, they remained absolutely steadfast to the unified command though there were many agitation and anger under the uncertainly of the situation and external provocation. While the officers were struggling to comfort each other from the grief, its very unfortunate that some strong media shows sympathy to the rebels and their colaborators. This kind of journalism adds more scars to our wounds and creates unrest in the society.

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