Monday, October 31, 2022

Had An Amazing Twinfest 2022 in Phoenix Arizona

I had a great company offsite #twinfest2020 in Phoenix, Arizona last week where I met face-to-face our colleagues, coaches, leaders - many of whom for the first time after I joined Twin Health 7 months back. This was really a moment to connect and validate our shared purpose of #reversediabetes and chronic diseases. I drove from Sam francisco Bay Area last Monday and now on my way back home. Looking forward to next year’s twin fest! My favorites from this #twinfest was fireside chat with Kevin Johnson, karaoke, what's coming in future...

Friday, June 17, 2022

I was Featured Today in Twin Health LinkedIn Page

 It's been 3 months I joined #twinhealth and enjoying my work here. I was featured today in our Twin Health LinkedIn page.

Ashik Uzzaman we are so happy to have you as both a people and engineering leader. Among his many contributions; Ashik organized and leads a Leadership Guild where Twins are welcome to join and benefit from collaborative professional development.


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