Sunday, August 06, 2023

Exploring Crater Lake and Redwood National Park

After a delightful Twin Health BBQ Summer Party on July 21st at Half Moon Bay, I embarked on a thrilling 3-day road trip to Oregon and California, aiming to explore the tallest trees on Earth. The journey included visits to Redding, Crater Lake, Lassen Volcanic Park, and Redwood National Park.

The expedition began with a leisurely stroll across the Sundial Bridge at Turtle Bay in Redding, setting the tone for the adventure ahead. The following day involved detours to the Klamath Fort Museum and a visit to Lassen Volcanic Park, but the highlight was reuniting with the breathtaking Crater Lake. Its deep blue waters and vastness left a profound impression, and the lake's significance as one of the world's deepest was noted - 9th overall but 3rd if measured by average depth.

The road trip also included encounters with Mount Shasta, the impressive Shasta Dam, and a return to the Sundial Bridge. The final day brought a rendezvous with the towering giants of Redwood National Park, particularly the awe-inspiring Trees of Mystery. The Avenue of the Giants provided a humbling path through these ancient trees. I was delighted to see the elks just beside my car while driving back through Elk Meadow Cabin where we visited several times in the past.

The journey included a reflection on the extraordinary beauty of Crater Lake and the grandeur of the redwoods. I visited all of these in the past but this time after a long gap. The experience underscored the importance of preserving these natural wonders for future generations, leaving a lasting sense of inspiration and anticipation for future encounters with nature's greatness.

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