Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ahyan's Birthday & Habib's Concert in Bay Area

Last weekend we had 2 events to catch up with. We arranged Ahyan's 2nd birthday (with some delay) in our apartment's Recreation Center this 18th October Saturday. It was as usual a good gathering with my close buddies in the bay area.

Here are few albums that hold some pictures of the events.


The following day 19th was the BABA Eid Reunion where Habib's Concert show was the center of the attractions. There was not enough space to dance and hence at the last song of the day, Nitol first jumped into the stage momentarily followed by Shahriar. And yah, I joined them immediately after that taking the below video.

Other than those, I had a colognoscopy at 9th October and thanks to almighty nothing came bad out of that. And yes Sachin Tendulkar became the leading run scorer in Test Cricket too on the way to cross 12000 runs in first test against Australia. But Bangladesh lost to New Zealand in first test even after coming very close to victory.

To my great pleasure, Anand is winning against Kramnik in World Chess Championship 2008 that is being held in Bonn, Germany. In the twelve rounds match, half of the games are already played and Anand won won third, fifth and sizth games brilliantly drawing the other three to crash Kramnik whom a lot of people thought a superior match player than Anand.

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