Sunday, June 28, 2009

Another Weekend LA Trip

I am writing from Golden Grove Hyatt Regency North Tower which is adjacent to Disneyland, Anaheim. I, Shusmita and Ahyan started from Fremont around 6 PM Friday and it took approximately 6 hours to drive the 400 miles to here. Shusmita gave a very good break to me by driving around 2 and half hours of this chunk. Saturday (yesterday) morning I attended the Silva Method Basic Lecture Series (BLS) by Hans DeJong at the 2nd floor of the same hotel. Earlier in January I took the Silva Life Systems seminar in Sacramento under Steven Protopappas and hence this re-take course was free for me with a nominal sitting fee of $35. For those of my readers who are not familiar with the terms meditation, mind control, silva method - please have a quick glance at

Meanwhile, Shusmita and Ahyan went to Disneyland with the Hyatt shuttle bus to avoid parking hassles. They enjoyed the whole day there although it was tough on her to handle Ahyan and the stroller with all the rides and lines. I went to pick them up from Disneyland after my first day seminar finished late in the afternoon.

We drove to Los Angeles Aladin Sweeits and Market for dinner, as we always do whenever we are within 100 miles of LA. I liked the Ruhi fish with Polao very much. Shusmita's friend Iblish and his colleague came to meet us there as well.

I could re-inforce the following things today on the BLS class are -
  • Positive affirmation - always say things positive.
  • Watch out for negative words and cancel those out. Cancel cancel for negative statements like -
    1. I will TRY to do it
    2. I Always get late in office
    3. It's killing me
    4. Kids are driving me crazy
    5. Monday is the bad day
  • Don't let yourself feel down, never say things like - I am lazy, I can't eat vegetables, I am useless, I can't handle this etc.
  • Applying 1 to 5 method as Sleep control technique, mental alarm clock (wakeup control), headache control, control nervousness (and be confident)
  • Dream control -
    1. Collection or writing or remembering
    2. Having dreams about specific subjects or topics
    3. Problem solving through dreams by understanding the solution that is hinted
  • Memory pegs - looking at someone see what pops up in your mind first and associate that with that person. Use both left and right brain together. Remember the phrase TeN MoRe LoJiK FiBS.
  • Visualization techniques
  • Three fingers technique which is also known as instant alpha. This triggers alpha level momentarily even when our eyes are open.
  • Mirror of the mind - I came to know that I was completely incorrect with this particular technique that I have been using on and off earlier. Hans clarified it very well for all of us as he knows people misunderstands it quite often. You use this technique when you know what you want. Try to create word images of what you want for projection in mirror. You have to use the same mirror but two different frames - blue and white. Blue is for projecting/visualizing the problem scenario and while is for projecting the solution to this project. First time use both blue and white in this order, but from second time use only white frame in the mirror. If you add a new goal to the problem project, then only visualize the goal in blue mirror first time and from next time onwards use only the white frame. The key is, for any particular goal or problem you will visualize it in blue frame once and only once and never again.
I found Hans DeJong very lively and humorous in his style of delivering speech. This dutchman has been one of the close people around Jose Silva and hence could tell us some of his personal memories with Jose. The long relax session after first break was very refreshing for me. As I forgot to bring the SLS book or pen and paper, I used Google Notebook from my iPhone to note down the highlights of the class. Today I will do so as well in the second and last day of the course. This is essentially the last BLS course from Silva Foundation and after that only SLS courses will be available.

I called back home to with 35th happy anniversary of my parents last night.

I also called Asif Bhai in Canada last morning to discuss the Salesforce related queries that he had in his last email to me. I felt the day started very well after talking to him. He is one of the 2 mentors of mine in the laboratory of ideal place of relaxation in my mind control workspace. And my ideal place of relaxation is, by no surprise, Big Sur in Highway One California.

On a sidenote, my Kindle is giving me a great service and I subscribed to 14 day trial of New York Times newspaper. Currently I am one third done with the Caves of Steel by Isaac Asimov.

Aziz Nana passed away out of a bus accident last Friday while Ripon mama was with him. A very sad and unfortunate event for us. His body has been taken back to village graveyards. May Allah keep him in piece. I remember that Kalam mama's mother also passed away last year when my parents were visiting us in USA.

Today's plan is to finish the second day cource and have dinner in Aladin again.

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