Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bangladesh Defeated West Indies In The First Test Cricket Match In Kingstown

Bangladesh has defeated West Indies by 95 runs in the first test match of the 2 test series in their Caribbean tour. This is Bangladesh's second test match win in almost 10 years of its test cricket history. It's true that most of the regular West Indies players didn't play this game due to their financial issues with the West Indies cricket board. But even then the team that played has played well enough to generate a very interesting and competitive Test cricket match.

I have followed most of the 4th and 5th day plays of the match and I can say definitely that it was a very competitive match with the win swinging over West Indies and Bangladesh side alternately everyday. Tamim Iqbal (128) was declared Man of the Match due to the only century in all the 4 innings in this match. For Bengali readers, see Tamim's match winning knock being compared with his brother Nafees Iqbal and Uncle Akram Khan's innings in a newspaper article at

Bangladesh was pretty close to winning tests against New Zealand and Srilanka in last one year and I was sure that it's a matter of time before we start winning as per our recent competitive shows in Test cricket.

Last Friday I, Ezaz, Nitol and Hasinur watched a major league baseball game between San Francisco Giants and San Jose Padres in San Francisco AT&T Park. Ezaz got 4 VIP tickets in the gallery and hence we 4 could watch it for free. This wass my first time watching a baseball game and it looked interesting to me.

Morning today I finished my first full book in Kindle, Isaac Asimov's Caves of Steel in PDF format.

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