Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Avatar The Movie: I Think It Will Cross Billion Dollar Revenue Worldwide

Last weekend I saw James Cameron's sci-fi movie Avatar with my friends and family at San Jose 3D Imax Theater. It was fantastic enough to go beyond my expectation! Even before the movie was released, I read about it online to know that James Cameron wrote the initial script for this movie at 1994 (15 years back) but only could release now because he was not satisfied with the then-technology to support his imaginations to bring into the film properly. He in fact invented a Fusion Camera System so that he can capture 95% of an actor's facial expression to it's computer character counterpart. James Cameron already is very selective in movie direction (only 5 so far) and made the highest revenue generating movie of all time Titanic (1.86 billion USD). I was in the opinion that Avatar will cross 1 billion dollar revenue; it's official production cost is $237 million (excluding approx. $150 million marketing cost). Let's see if it crosses my expectation in terms of revenue as well. In fact I see a very potential for it to cross even Titanic's revenue and touch 2 billion revenue worldwide for the first time in box office record history.

I liked the story, the acting, the camera work, special effects, sound everything. I specially liked how the director slowly took all the audience to Pandora's side and how the the hero Jake slowly adapted himself in Pandora and proved himself as a great warrior. Ahyan was first half an hour very scared of the sound and idn't use the 3D glass. But later he got comfortable and watched the movie. Shusmita, Amin, Hasinur. Prakash all were of the opinion that it was a good movie. The question is how good it was - just good, very good or excellent? Well for me it's simply outstanding and unimaginable! You have to see it in 3D IMAX, otherwise you will miss half of the movie's charm. It's the best cinematic experience that you can ever have and surpasses what we saw in 2012 a few weeks ago.

I had a few winter parties last few days. First it was in Nitol's party at San Jose Tech Museum. Then we went to Ahyan's school's winter party. And at last the Salesforce holiday party at Concourse Exhibition Center, San Francisco.

Update 1: I see Avatar has already earned $287 million dollar worldwide in opening weekend! Looks like my predictions are getting closer to realization. Let's see.
Update 2: As of today,Avatar cross 726 million US dollar in worldwide gross revenue! Looks like my prediction of crossing 1 billion dollar (even before it released) is going to be correct!! Check -

Update 3: Here you go from wikipedia on Avatar crossing the billion dollar mark as per my prediction - After 17 days of being released, Avatar has come to gross $352,111,000 in the United States and Canada and $666,700,000 in other territories with a worldwide total of $1,018,811,000, making it the fastest film to hit the $1 billion mark.This now makes the film the fourth highest grossing of all time unadjusted for inflation.
Update 4: Last might I saw it second tome in Regal Dublin 3D IMAX with Sumit Bhai, Shahriar. And by now it crossed 1.6 billion dollar gross earnings worldwide. Here is the link for James Cameron's original script of Avatar that he wrote in 1994.
Update 5: After 45 days of domestic release, Avatar has grossed over $594 million, and $1.444 billion in other territories after 47 days of international release, for a worldwide total of $2,039,222,000 .On January 25, 2010, after only 41 days after its initial release, it surpassed Titanic's worldwide gross to become the highest-grossing film of all time worldwide.On January 31, 2010, it became the first film to earn over $2 billion.

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