Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Musa Ibrahim Conquers Everest as the First Bangladeshi

Yes, we can do it! One of our Bangladeshi fellow proved that despite we are from a flat land near the sea, we have the courage and determination to win anything. Musa Ibrahim, the founding mountaineer of North Alpine Club Bangladesh and Sub Editor of The Daily Star has conquered The highest peak on earth - Mount Everest. He reached the 8,848-metre-high summit at 23rd May 2010 with a group that consisted 14 Nepalese, six Britons, the Montenegrins and a US national and a Serb. Some 1,200 mountaineers have conquered the Everest in the last 50 years, but there was no Bangladeshi among them. A few URLs here if you want to read further about his Everest expedition.

Earlier, on June 14, 2009 Musa Ibrahim and Tawhid Hossain conquered Mt Annapurna IV, a Himalayan peak at the height of 24,682ft, as first Bangladeshis without supplementary oxygen after tremendous hardship.

We attendedthe Agami Fundraising dinner and cultural program at 22nd May in TiE center, Santa Clara. I helped in delivering some of the food from Tandoor House. Anila Choudhury and the local band of Zubair Bhai entertained us with various songs.

And guess what, Anand defeated Topalov to remain World Chess Champion! He won the last game with black to win the match at 6.5 - 5.5 margin. He is an amazing guy! Congratulations Anand!!

In last few days, I finished Nalini Babu BSC by Humayun Ahmed. He always had interesting writing style. Now he took ideas from parallel universe & I liked it. I am reading a book by Ramit Sethi I will teach you to be rich with much interest now to help my personal finance management. It took me 5 years in USA to pay off all my credit card bills and come to zero. Now I have to set some savings goals and make sure I don't go under the debt line again.

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