Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Abbu Ammu Reached Safely In USA

Abbu Ammu reached San Francisco Airport at 31st October by Emirates via Dubai. I picked them from airport taking a rental Van as it was a working day (Monday). Unfortunately out of the 4 luggages and a few carry on bags, one luggage which was full of different foods Ammu brought for us, got missing. Abbu brought the claim number and we got the bag back in 2 days. But by that time some excellent food got damaged including my favorite Mera Pitha (a kind of local cake).

Ahyan is enjoying his time with Dada Bhai and Dida now. We are relieved as now it will be easier for us to handle the upcoming situation.

I am eating different kinds of foods that Ammu brought. Pakkon pitha, Premium sweets shondesh, Yousuf bakery chanachur.

We had an issue with our land in Uttara and hence Abbu has to go back to Dhaka 22nd November. Abbu will be back again end of January. Ammu will be here during this time to support us. This time I am planning to arrange Qurbani of a Goat at Bangla Bazar. Sayeem, Shahriar and Ezaz are also doing the same there.

We had an interesting Diwali party at office yesterday where our CIO Kirsten wore an Indian Sari to surprise us.

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