Friday, May 29, 2020

Thomas Friedman on the New World Order after COVID-19

The author of The World is Flat Thomas L. Friedman  is another eloquent speaker and an optimist. In this interview he talks about the current COVID-19 situation and how we should prepare for the world once this pandemic is over.

Friedman calls for a sustainable strategy to maximize lives and livelihoods with a moral/ethical trade-off. Because if you are all focused on lives, mother nature will kill every job; and if all you are focused on jobs, she will kill as many lives as she can.

Then he touches on how we are reacting on the COVID-19 situation -
  • Chinese model - complete lockdown
  • Swedish model - partial lockdown, natural hard immunity
  • US model - tired of lockdown, opening up before it's safe
He calls for humility, coordination, and strategy dictated by chemistry/biology/physics as that's the only logic mother nature understands. He points out the winners will not be those who are the strongest nor the smartest and nor the richest; it will be those who are the most adaptive

He also talks about the breakdown of USA and China relationship which got accelerated due to this coronovirus situation.

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