Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Year In Review: 2021

2021 was another eventful year in my life. Here are some reflections on it and what I am looking forward to.

Looking Back on 2021

  • How do I feel about the past year? What were my emotional highlights and lowlights?
  • What’s most important in my life right now? What really matters to me?
  • How did I do on my most important priorities this past year?
  • What have I learned?
  • What do I need from myself and others to make an honest assessment of my life, my priorities and what matters most to me and those I love?
  • How clearly do my actions and choices reflect those priorities?
When thinking of these questions few things come to mind. By start of this year I have accepted the fate of pandemic of covid-19 and how it has changed our life style. I accepted I can't just travel anywhere I like including visiting Bangladesh to meet my parents, brothers and relatives. I continued reading and writing book reviews every week. I overshot my goodreads book reading challenge by finishing 81 books this year instead of my initial target 70. I started the year with a promotion at work (from line management to mid level management i.e. managing managers) and geared my company Marqeta towards a mid year IPO. As a follow up to that I was able to buy my house finally at the end of the year. I also gave a booking for a Tesla Model S that I am expecting to receive delivery by July 2022. I also signed up a contract with BPB Publications to write a book on distributed systems at scale after preparing the outline and reviewing it with them. Apart from this, I started SeeTune Entertainment LLC with my brother and his best friend Bappi to produce films and other contents for OTT platform. Also the movie Rickshaw Girl, of which I am one of the investor producers, was released with good success.

Looking Forward to 2022

  • What kind of person am I becoming? Who do I want to be? What values will I live by?
  • Where do I want to be a year from now? What do I need to do or learn to get there?
  • Am I on the best path to become the person and live the life I want?
  • How can I be more intentional about living my values and fulfilling my mission in life?
  • What kind of support do I need from others and where will I find it?
  • What course corrections or changes in my life do I need to implement this year?
  • What am I doing to renew, reinvigorate, and reinvent myself and my life? 
I am looking forward to another career advancement event in the coming year. I hope to finish and get close to publishing the book I signed for with BPB Publications on distributes systems at scale. I am looking forward to come back to normal life, going to office few days a week, travel different places. I am particularly excited to going to different road trips with my new Tesla Model S once I receive the delivery. I am also looking forward to my trip to Bangladesh to meet my parents and relatives. Also I hope my parents as well as my younger brother's family will be able to visit us this year in my new house.

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