Sunday, April 10, 2022

RRR Movie - Veema's Roar Back to Royal Bengal Tiger

I watched the movie RRR with my friend Abul Nuruzzaman in Cinemark of Milpitas, the first Indian movie to cross 1000 crore rupees revenue in box office world wide. We watched the hindi version of this although the Telegu original production is running in Telegu, Tamil and Hindi versions simultaneously in the theatres. The 2 heroes of the movie Raama and Bheema are loosely inspired from Ramayana's Rama and Mahabharata's 2nd brother of the Pancha Pandavas, Bheema. If you have watched the movie RRR, my question to you is - who is more favorite to you? Sitarama Raju or Komaram Bheem? You can easily imagine it's the later for me.

I am particularly fascinated by Bheema's roar against the Royal Bengal Tiger! The raw emotion of fearlessness is mind blowing. I can compare 2 other scenes from the past that can resonate with this. One is the roar back of Kong in 2021 film Godzilla vs Kong. The other is the 2012 film The Avenger's where Dr Bruce Banner turned into Incredible Hulk answering Captain America that - "That's my secret Captain. I am always Angry!"

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