Tuesday, May 01, 2007

19 Year Old Boy Killed In Front of Our Apartment

Yesterday, I took Nitol to Napa Valley where me and Shusmita attended a marketing presentation to recieve our vacation package to San Diego. Nitol liked Napa Valley a lot. On the way back we went to San Francisco for a while. After dropping Nitol at his new flat, I came back home tired with 200 miles driven. My car crossed its 10000 miles just 3 days back and serving me quite well.

Late at night police knocked our door and asked whether we heard gun shot or someting unusual. We were too tired to hear anything. The cop reported that a boy is shot just opposite to our apartment and the whole area we saw full of polices. Shusmita was excited and scared. After all, we thought we are in one of the safe areas of California. Later today in news we found the mexican boy Aaron boy was shot and later died in hospital. Here are few links.


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