Thursday, May 10, 2007

An eventful Week

Well this current week has been full of events. Let me remember in order.

Monday night, me, Shabbir, Shusmita and Ahyan went for a half-an-hour grocery shopping in Namaste Plaza. When we came back home, we found the house is full of smokes. Shusmita forgot to switch off one stove and thats why it is. If we would be a little more late, as Liju pointed out when he joined us in dinner the house would be under terrible fire!

Tuesday afternoon around 4:30 Shusmita called me and told that Ahyan jumped from bed into the floor. I was in the office and rushed towards home instantly. We took him to Fremont Urgent Care and he seemed to be fine without any injury. Even though we have monitor and pillows around Ahyan, he woke up from sleep and silently crossed the pillows (thats why Shusmita didn't hear anything from the kitchen's monitor) to catch an electric tower fan eventually falling in the floor. However the floor has thick carpet thats why he was not hurt. Same night, some of our friends here together went to a surprise birthday party to one of my friend's house.

Wednesday night (yesterday) I bought a P4 2.8Ghz, 512 MB RAM, 17" LCD monitor from Livermore. It was a nice hilly drive to buy this used desktop PC from an office who are moving out.

Liju informed me that Zeeshan vai has selected one of his Java/J2EE candidate for a contract position in CISCO whom I forwarded. Also Bangladesh played very well against India in the 1st ODI although lost by 5 wickets. Here is the scorecard.

When I went to lunch for home, I saw BabiesRUs delivered Ahyan's new crib and matress. Shusmita is quite excited about it.

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