Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Lifeline Visit and Roaming Around Boston

We six engineers from Milpitas Philips R&D team came to visit Philips Lifeline in an official tour. Our flight for San Francisco to Boston airport Monday noon. The flight was only of five hours and we reached at Crown Plaza Natick at 10:30 PM despite the 3 hours time difference. I had a steak with french fries in dinner very late at night in Uno Chicago Grill which was quite tasty!

The whole day today (Tuesday) went so busy in Framingham (Lifeline) that I seldom got time to take a breath. In the evening, we came back in hotel for 15 minutes. Ron (Dutch) joined me, Brian, Dan and Jade in our visit to Cambridge and Boston. First we went to MIT campus and then to Harvard which is close by. It was an amazing experience to visit these 2 places. We had dinner at Grandel Den's and again I picked a steak with mash potato. This teak was even tastier than last night's! Before coming back to hotel, we had ice cream from a famous shop there.

Update: Wednesday we presented PTS and Motiva proeducts to Lifeline engineers. In the evening Rich Ryche invited us to a dinner party at Naked Fish where I had the best steak in my life, Tuna Fish Steak! After dinner Dan, Brian and I went to Cambridge to have a walk around. The last day (Thursday) we checked out from Crown Plaza at 9 PM and went to Anodover to Philips Medical Systems US Head Quarter. We caught the evening 6 PM return flight from Boston to San Francisco. It was a very useful trip for me indeed.

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